Museum of WA - Parthenon Frieze
Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Animation, Composite
Client: WhatsThis
Sound Design: SoundSmiths
Collaborating with Sam Price (whatsthis.studio) we art directed, designed and animated this lovely tale behind the history of the Museum of WA's 'Parthenon Frieze'.
The project required a workflow that allowed the design and animation to interplay with the physical form, bringing the figures of the freize itself to life. There's even on ode to the beautiful and technically impressive work of Ordinary Folk (JR Canest et al) in there.
We're really happy with the end result and the story that it tells.
Apparently it's been a very popular attraction so get along and check it out in all of its 15m wide glory​​​​​​​.​​​​​​​
We found that drawing atop printouts of the backplate was the most effective way to throw ideas
around while trying to utilise the form of the sculpture.
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