Agency - Now We Collide
Role: Animation
Client: Deferit
Producing the Derefit TV spot was the kind of opportunity that the full Mello team live for!

Characters and personalities are our jam, and this one was a delight.

There's a tonne of keyframes in this one, all lovingly placed by our animators. These animation choices drive all the movement and expression - thats just part of the process - and one that we love.

Nailing the vibe from the beginning is key to the end result in spots like this.
The slightest of tweaks to a facial expression will make all the difference in the playfullness of a character.

Are they cheeky, concerned,'s all in the hands of the animator/director, so we look at it from the start with the overall intent of the spot in mind.
We generally block out animations like this rather early in the process.
This helps the director get a feel for timing and pace of the spot before too much fine animation occurs.
Once things are feeling right, we push on to really dial in the feel.

Even the most straighforward of movements are worth exploring in every animation. 
We considered whether the characters should have a stickyness to their movement and remain fluid, or be more playfull and bouncy.
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